The Running Gear that Marries Fashion and Function

Fashion meets function. This is the exact definition of women’s running skirts, the newest fashion trend in the world of marathon. Designed to provide comfort and style, these skirts add an extra dash of flair to its wearer as well. Many, in fact, look at the piece of clothing as an innovation, what with its capability of giving runners’ more options to express themselves while still providing the functionality that they need.

Women’s Running Skirts Throughout History

Despite being popular now, running skirts have actually been around for ages. In fact, it can be traced back to the time of Ancient Greece when skirt-clad legendary huntress Atalanta from Greek mythology refused to marry any man who can’t win against her in a footrace. Running skirts are also embedded in the tradition of many cultures as seen from the unmarried shepherds’ daughters from Markgroningen, Germany who first participated in the Shepherd’s Run in 1445.

These innovative and fashionable pieces of clothing also symbolize the power of women in the running field as well. On 1973, running pioneer Kathrine Switzer described her “red nylon dance tunic” as “one of the best running outfits I’ve ever had,” after she finished the Boston Marathon. Fast forward to the 2000s and we get Nicole DeBoom winning Ironman Wisconsin wearing a prototype skirt she designed on 2004 and Beverley Anderson-Abbs who won the Western States Endurance Run 100-mile women’s masters division on 2007 while wearing a skirt.

Three Main Types of Running Skirts

Women’s running skirts typically fall in three categories. The first are the normal ones with no accompanying shorts and briefs and the second are the ones with attached briefs to them similar to the undergarments worn underneath cheerleading uniforms and tennis skirts. Third but not the least are those with attached compression shorts in varying lengths.

Choosing the right running skirt should strictly depend on the wearer’s preference, body type, and running activity. Some prefer going with skirts with attached briefs to them because it gives their legs more space to move. Women who are on the more full-bodied side, however, choose to go for those with compression shorts because it keeps their thighs from rubbing against each other especially during long runs. For those who want more flexibility, they opt to go with the normal ones and just add separate briefs or shorts depending on how long they will be running.

Tips on Buying Women’s Running Skirts

womens-running-skirtOne of the main worries of women who have not switched to running skirts yet is the clothing riding up once they get in action. Fortunately, there is an easy trick that can solve this problem which involves measuring the right place where the waistband will settle.

When choosing running skirts, professional runners always suggest to use the hip measurement as the main fit guide. It is recommended to measure 2”-3” inches below the natural waist because anything worn higher than this will naturally ride up.

As for the material, it is generally recommended to go for skirts that are made of moisture-wicking fabric. Those who want to try other textures, however, can go for this kind of material for their briefs and compression shorts instead. This way, they can opt for whatever type of fabric they want for their main skirt.

Benefits of Running Skirts

In addition to looking good, women’s running skirts also offer a number of benefits as well. Leading the list is the comfort they offers to their wearers. Running skirts are definitely roomier and offer more freedom for motion as opposed to shorts that usually have a tendency to ride or bunch up while running. Second, running shorts actually keep runners cool because they allow air to circulate freely with their design.

In addition, running skirts can fit runners of all shapes and sizes because they have flat waistlines that fit more snugly compared to the usually tight elastic that spandex and running shorts have. Lastly, they offer more flexibility in the aesthetic sense too because they look better compared to the boring shorts and tights. More and more women who participate in teams even wear them as costumes to add more character to their teams. Moreover, these skirts also do not look out of place even if women go directly to a mall or the supermarket after their run.

Don’t be Afraid to Have Fun

Women’s running skirts were invented with the intent of giving women more avenues to express themselves while still enjoying their favorite sport. With the rise in popularity of these new running gear, more and more designs are being offered in the market to satiate all the athletic and fashionable runners out there.

One particularly good example is the range of running skirts by Sparkle Athletic that marry femininity, fashion, and power with its designs. Anyone will surely stand out in a sea of runners with its luminous bright sequins laid out on colorful and lightweight polyester fabrics that offer not only a punch of style but more freedom to move as well.

In the end, running is supposed to be fun. And for women, there is no better way to do this other than showing what they’ve got while still looking good.