Use Running As a Reason to Explore Your Local Area

So, you recently completed your first marathon in a sparkling running skirt and at a time that just happens to be your personal best. What else is there to accomplish? As far as you’re concerned, you have now reached the pinnacle without actually becoming a professional racer. But hold on there just one minute. There is a lot more to running than just the competition.

Some of us run because we enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Others run because they need a bit of stress relief after sitting in a cubicle all day. Still others run because they never want to return to the same weight they were a couple of years back. However, we would like to suggest another reason to continue running long after you have completed that marathon: keep running as a way to explore your local area.

Our busy American lifestyle often has us in a terrible rut that involves going to the same places, at the same times, every single week. In fact, some of us have worn grooves in the payment by continually traveling the exact same routes day after day. We have no idea what lies on the other side of town, let alone the other side of the county. However, we can use our daily run to change that.

Rural Adventures

You do not have to live in the middle of the country to enjoy a rural adventure. Lots of cities and towns have green spaces set aside where you could run amid plentiful trees, green grass, and all of the wildlife you could hope for. Upstate New York is a great example.

Along hundreds of miles between Buffalo and Albany is the Erie Canal system once used as a main artery for commerce in the Northeast. The great thing about the canal system is that the original towpath is still intact along the vast majority of the canal. It makes a great place to run.

Whether you are in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Oswego, or Albany, you are just a 5- or 10-minute car ride from the canal. You will enjoy mile after mile off peaceful quietness combined with quaint, canal-side communities and plenty of long stretches of good, old-fashioned nature.

There is bound to be great places like the Erie Canal system wherever you live. It is just a matter of opening your eyes and looking around.

Urban Adventures

If you are the type of runner that prefers an urban environment, there is no shortage of adventures waiting for you either. You just need to get out of your local neighborhood and travel to the other side of town. You might be surprised what awaits you in those neighborhoods you have only driven by in the past. For example, let us look at the greater Orlando, Florida area.

Central Florida is a unique place unlike most others in the country. One of the things that surprise many new residents is the number of lakes and ponds in the region. You might drive down a major thoroughfare like I-4 or Route 27 without ever realizing you are passing dozens of water features hidden behind the trees. Orlando residents can discover those water features by running through individual neighborhoods. So, what is in your city?

Whether you prefer to exercise in a sparkling running skirts or play it straight, use your daily run as an opportunity to explore your local area. You will find there are plenty of new places for you to experience above and beyond your own neighborhood. The best thing about it is that there will always be new opportunities no matter how long you keep running.