Yes, Running Can Be a Family Affair

What are some of the things you love most about the sport of running? For our money, it is hard to top the experience of watching families run together. To see a mother cross that finish line for the first time with her young daughter, while their matching running skirts sparkle in the sunshine, is to see one generation passing down a love of running to another. It is the same when we see fathers running with their sons or entire families running together.

One of the reasons we offer the fun gear you will find on our website is that we know it helps promote running as a family affair. We know we can provide mothers and daughters with a way to have as much fun as possible, even in the midst of what can be a difficult exercise. Moreover, we want to do our part to promote family running.

As you know, running is great exercise for both the body and mind. Nevertheless, it is also an exercise that can build relationships between parents and their children. Running together fosters those long-lasting bonds that are hard to separate as the years go by. It is something you and your children could have in common for decades to come.

Runners Build Relationships

Seasoned runners know that we, as a group, are a unique breed of people who thoroughly enjoy a form of exercise most people find uncomfortable. As such, there is a strong camaraderie between runners; a kind of secret loyalty similar to what you might find among bikers or firefighters. So why not foster that same kind of relationship with your own children? Why not use running to help build relationships that will last for a lifetime?

Far too many parents have nothing in common with their kids. Indeed, we live in a generation saturated with video games and social media. Most kids would rather spend three hours in front of a small electronic screen rather than be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. And as they grow older, they grow more distant from parents because they share no common experiences. That is truly sad.

Things do not have to be that way with your own kids. The key is to start building those relationships by engaging in shared experiences as soon as you can. Where running is concerned, your two-year-old may not be able to run a 10K by your side, but he or she can run up and down the driveway a couple of times before you head out for your own run.

The thing about kids is that they just want to spend time with mom and dad while they are young. So take them on short runs as soon as they are old and strong enough to do so. If they eventually grow up to not enjoy the sport, you will still at least have those shared memories of runs gone by. At that point, you can find something else you can share.

Running with Your Girls

Being that we specialize in running gear for girls, we believe that the products we offer are great tools for promoting running among your daughters. What little girl wouldn’t like to see lots of running skirts sparkle as she, her friends, and all of the mothers run together in their first race?

A running skirt will make your daughter feel special. It will make her feel like a princess with sneakers. And it might just be the thing that motivates her to keep running by your side into her teen years and eventual adulthood. Think about it. Yes, running can be a family affair.